Friday, April 3, 2009

Sexy Katrina Kaif In Boom

Boom is all hype and little core. Many people just went to watch Katrina Kaif in Boom as the sexy stripping scene done by her in her debut created a lot of hype for her. Regardless of the 'spectacular' cast ensemble that includes three sensual belles Padma, Katrina and Madhu Sapre - Amitabh Bachchan, and the Hollywood stunner Bo Derek, the movie fails to carry the spectator concern.

The movie has a fashionable feel and enticing music score, but that is all about it. There is a lot of vulnerability [ and vulgarism too, thanks to the sexy character Boom Shankar played by Javed Jaffery ] that makes the movie unwatchable for the home bunch.

All-dressed in white, Big B plays the underworld kingbolt Bade Mia who delights in studying comics and tracking Hollywood illusions in his free time. There is a sequence in the movie where the megastar is shown running after Bo Derek.

Zeenat Aman, who makes a return to the silver screen after a continuing sabbatic, is lost in the role of Bade Mia's secretary who also does a jig for her chief at times. Padma Lakshmi is visibly self-conscious being opposite along side Bachchan, while Katrina comfortably delivers a uniform face throughout the film. Madhu Sapre is just about ok.

Katrina Kaif in boom has a, steamy scene in which Katrina seduces Gulshan Grover, Boom is the debut movie of katrina kaif, and this is one of the most famed scenes of Katrina kaif from Boom, this is the film thru which hot chick Katrina said her entree into bollywood. Fashion designers Tarun Tahiliani, Wendell Rodricks and Rohit Bal, who play cameo characters in the film, epitomize poor acting.

Real amusement comes from Javed Jaffery, who shows his flair for comedy in the task of a smutty character Boom Shankar. The girls can barely act. But they are at home in their undies, in a way that our other determined actresses never will be. It is very unlikely that there are any actresses in India who can match into their characters [ or garments ], if these girls can't. They have the numbers, they know what pointless catfights are, they can seem like models, can speak in the accented British of the catwalk, and can mouth dirty words without embarrassment. Sorry, nevertheless bad their acting turns out to be, there's no one else who can play the characters of ratty-mouthed models among our large lot Bollywood of actresses. Bachchan is the surprise package of the film. Every single review has blamed him for acting in Boom. Mayank Shekhar wants him to say sorry to the state. Others cannot believe how Bachchan gave his agree to this flick. I am no fan of Amitabh Bachchan. In reality, in the past 10-15 years, I suspect that he has fundamentally played himself in all his characters. He is an old actor, surviving on the magic of his megastar heydays and Kaun Banega Crorepati. Even his most recent adverts on the television Are silly. As the kingbolt of a smuggling ring, Bachchan is at his best. He does not feel dignified - the horror! The Horror! He is not the hero, he is demon incarnate! My advice to hacks - Go have a peg of cheap vodka and curse him using new words you have picked up from Kaizad's picture. And if you can get hold of a pirated VCD, replay the girls' scenes. Get a life. The less expounded the better. It is supremely vacuous.

Boom does not have a script, for all earthy purposes. Boom the film is barely hung together by the smartness of its bon mots. Nothing else, nothing less. Kaizad Gustad has made a attractive flick, there is no doubt about it. But underneath this gloss and sheen, there is barely anything in the movie to draw a picture buff to the theatre. nevertheless, those who have an concern in the skin fest by the 3 models would find the movie worth watching.
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